Life is a Dream -Altered States and Metamorphasis

Life is a Dream -Altered States and Metamorphasis - Life is...

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Life is a Dream: Altered States and Metamorphasis Throughout Life is a Dream, Calderón shows the metamorphasis and shifting of characters between altered states. Whether they are mental or physical states, Calderón uses them to raise the question of to what extent we can control our role as individualsor if we are all merely spectators in this life dream. The use of language and culture can transform our behavior, as well as faith in destiny or free will. 1.Reality Vs Dream Calderón uses the blurred line between dreams and reality as a central theme to the plot and way of questioning free will and to what extent we are all actors in the dream. Sigesmond questions whether all of life is simply a dream to be woken from after death and if we are mearly participating in the dreams events as they unfold. “They laid him sleeping in your bed and, when the potion’s numbing force force wears off and his deep slumber ends, they’ll serve him as you’ve ordered, sire, as if he were the king himself” (Clotaldo II.I 1083-1087) Sleep is used to transport from one reality to another “The door to pretext open wide so we may claim that all he saw was dreamt, and thereb expedite…”(Basil II.I 1135-1137) In this example dreams serve as a way to alter and deny events that occur. “This he’d do wisely to believe because, Clotaldo, in this world all think thy live who only dream.” (Basil II.I 1147-1149) “To claim I dream would be a ruse, for sleep and waking aren’t the
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Life is a Dream -Altered States and Metamorphasis - Life is...

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