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Pg 30 - -s(L Wh 1t is the probability that X is greater...

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Unformatted text preview: -s (L) Wh 1t is the probability that X is greater than 2? P610292; r£><<2j-zagrzpl~0 24H?! Of/ Pfizfif $501K: 2&3] 362524: J . ? A 1-7L ((1) “That is the probability that X 15 less than 4? PRO/)2 F W10; ##g 1 16411ng Dre /11 5,16 0 Jxample: A College professor never finishes his lecture before the end of Class and always finishes within 2 minutes after class should end. Let X be the time that elzszee betWeen the Scheduled end of class and when the claes actually ends. Suppuee the pdf of X is f($) : kxzflx E [U 2]) )Find the value of it so that the pdf is a proper distribution 1 11in kX23/dx ”:25!sz 13P9§L27<L>l<hg 1) fix): 62>? Exéfefl) k g {b} \Vhet is the prob ability the lecture continues for exactly 1 'minute after the class ends? $3010 30 ...
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