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Pg 35 - 16 The Bernoulli Tfial and Bernoulli Distribution...

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Unformatted text preview: 16 The Bernoulli Tfial and Bernoulli Distribution u Consider an experiment with two distinct outcomes. Often these are though of as “Pass” or “Fail” experiments. 7 Coin toss: either heads or tails * Reliability: pass or fail * Package Routing: left or right F- 7‘ Binary Data: 0’s or 1’s 0 Let X be a binary random variable which takes on one of two distinct. outcomes. Let X : 1 if the outcomes is a “success” and X 2 0 if the outcomes is a =failure” (“sum-eels” and “failure” defined to suit your problem). X is a Bernoulli ramiom variable with probability of success p, X N Beflp). The pmf of a Bernoulli random variable is e =19 PM = I) = pm —P)1"$I (x e {0, 1}) 623(43): PF 0 For a Bernoulli random variable; E [X] = p and VarLX] : p(1 — p) c Read: Section 4.2 ...
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