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Pg 46 - -— B the maximum with default B l umfpdffX A B is...

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Unformatted text preview: -— B : the maximum with default B : l * umfpdffX A, B) is the pmf —— mvgfcriflX, A, B) is the cdf 7 heip umfidf in the command line fur more infurmatizm , Example: V‘flaa’c is the pmbabflity the reaction temperature is between —2 and 3 degrees? }} unifcdf13,-5;5] - unifcdfl-2,-5,5] 54113 = 3.5330 I Read: Section 4.10 0 Problems 1n Section PEmW 9: W196 “H «J Sepamiee #9 bofiom P 09M?!" O‘F Vail/96 “Fran/z Vine" 7X3}? 0“?) 9’3 KP P~ Pam) XF'F Fm“ PE’PCGHWQ 67E PEFCX'éXQEFfiR) ~> F=—L X—L‘X —>==P(b~a/) X‘pa ...
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