lecture 2 - 9/4/08 Lecture 2 Organization of the cell...

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Unformatted text preview: 9/4/08 Lecture 2 Organization of the cell Chapter 4 Smallest unit that can carry out all activities that can carry out life Everything is contained within the DNA Codes Viruses are acelluar: not a cell Cell Theory Origins of life, relte to evolution of life Cells are the basic unit of organization and functions in living organisms All cells come from other cells All living cells have evolved from a a common ancestor Shared cell characteristics What is relationship btwn cell organization and homeostasis Apropriate internal environment Cells have many organelles, internal structures that carry out specific functions that hepl maintian homeostasis Plasma Membrane Surrounds the outside of the cell Separates cell from external environment Maintain internal conditions Allows the cell to exchange materials with the outer environment Provides a fence encloses internal organelles, they must defended against the outside environment, from metabollic activity, needs to manufacture protiens and molecules Eukaryotic cells are divded into compartments by internal membreanes Membranes provide separate small areas for specialized activities Animal cells Membrane enclosed nuclei DNA Cytoplasm contains Organelles Cytosol Fluid component Cytoskeleton Plant cells Rigid cell walls Plastids Large Vacuoles storage containers chloroplasts Prokaryotic...
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lecture 2 - 9/4/08 Lecture 2 Organization of the cell...

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