ec101f09syl - Economics 101 UCLA Fall 2009 Jernej...

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Unformatted text preview: Economics 101 UCLA Fall 2009 Jernej Copic [Yerney Chopich] Office: Bunche 8337 Office Hours: Tue, Thur 5-6pm. e-mail: [email protected] COURSE DESCRIPTION: game theory, Imperfect competition, general equilibrium, uncer- tainty and risk, externalities and public goods. TEXTBOOK AND STUDY QUESTIONS: The required textbook is Microeconomic Theory (10th edition, 9e or 8e are also okay) by Walter Nicholson and Christopher Snyder. In addition, lecture notes and other material will be available at the class webpage, in particular, I will be providing some review/study questions. These questions will not be collected or graded, but you should find them useful in preparing for exams. They will be found on the courses website at Click on List of Links. EXAMS: There will be two midterm exams and a comprehensive final exam. The approxi- mate weighting of the exams is as follows: Practice exam: October 20 First Exam (October 27, Tuesday)- 25% Second Exam (November 24, Tuesday)-25% Final Exam (December, 7-11, 2009)- 50% ALL exams must be taken at the scheduled time. Exams will consist of multiple choice ques- tions and an essay. Multiple choice questions will be of various difficulties, easy, medium,tions and an essay....
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This note was uploaded on 01/06/2010 for the course ECON 101 taught by Professor Buddin during the Fall '08 term at UCLA.

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ec101f09syl - Economics 101 UCLA Fall 2009 Jernej...

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