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UCLA Fall 2009 Office Hours: Wednesday 9:30-11:30AM Bruce Brown Bunche 2255 ECONOMICS 41 – Statistics for Economists Basic Information: - Lectures: Mondays and Wednesdays 8:00-9:15 AM in Broad 2160-E - Exam Dates Exam 1 Monday, 10/19; Exam 2 Monday 11/9; Final, Wednesday 12/9 11:30-2:30 AM - Students must bring a photo ID and calculator with which they are familiar to all exams (this may not be shared). No web-enabled devices (such as cell phones) may be used during exams. - Course web page is: - No problem sets will be assigned, but sample questions and answers are posted on the above site - Students should ask questions regarding course material via the Discussion Board - Messages may be left via email at or phone (909) 869-5074 (during office hours use 310.794.7579, but do not leave messages here) - Useful, relevant material is online at: - Official catalog description: Lecture, three hours; discussion, one hour. Not open to students with credit for Statistics 11. Introduction to probability and statistics for economists, with emphasis on rigorous arguments. Letter grading. General Description: This course emphasizes the practice of statistics. Standard statistical problems will be integrated with examples (some, but not all from economics) in order to illustrate how statistical techniques and reasoning are used. The material is somewhat technical, but not particularly mathematical. Students often find this course difficult and should be able to devote a significant amount of time to this class in order to succeed. Practice solving problems is essential to understand the material. Two primary goals of this course are to: i) prepare students to perform simple analyses of data and to evaluate the analyses of others, and ii) prepare students to take Econometrics. Required Text:
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EC41_Syl_F09rev-1 - UCLA Fall 2009 Bruce Brown Bunche 2255...

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