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TOURO COLLEGE COURSE SYLLABUS LANDER COLLEGE DEPARTMENT: Psychology COURSE TITLE: Forensic Psychology COURSE NUMBER: PREREQUISITES: PSY101 CREDIT HOURS: 3 DEVELOPER: A. Perry, Ph.D. and E. Litwin, Ph.D.; revised by M. Press, Ph.D. LAST UPDATE: 4/27/09 COURSE DESCRIPTION The course provides an overview of the interface between psychology and the legal system. It covers the role and functions of the forensic psychologist, the nature and methods of forensic assessment, mental health evaluations in the criminal justice system and in civil law. It will also address such special topics as jury selection and eyewitness testimony. COURSE/DEPARTMENTAL OBJECTIVES The course addresses the following objectives from those in the Department of Psychology list of goals and objectives: 1.1 Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of psychology as applied to the legal system, including particularly the role and functions of the forensic psychologist and the application of clinical methods to the criminal and civil justice systems 1.3 Explain major perspectives and conflicts in the application of psychology in legal settings 1.4 Compare and contrast the major perspectives in forensic psychology and describe advantages and limitations 2.3 To apply overarching themes of psychology to specific issues of this course 3.1 To critically analyze and defend issues and positions about the course subject matter
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