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pursuit of happiness - 3 sources

pursuit of happiness - 3 sources - Miriam Weinberger...

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Miriam Weinberger Professor November English Composition 2 Pursuing Happiness The pursuit of happiness is apparently the catch phrase one hears everywhere one goes today. People seem to chase after this state of mind their entire lives. “Who is rich? He who is satisfied with what he has.” Pakhom, a character in “How much land does a man need,” by Leo Tolstoy, truly exemplifies this character flaw of chasing after happiness. Pakhom starts off as an average peasant, basically happy or rather satisfied with his lot in life. However, after hearing from his sister-in-law all the good derived from wealth, he decides that in order to be truly happy, all that he needs is more land. The story continues with tales of Pakhom’s quest for more land; although he kept gaining more land he never seems to be satisfied. In contrast, his wife realized the good of what they had and was satisfied and happy with it. She said to her sister, “Loss and gain are brothers twain.” In other words, maybe being poor means that one does not gain much, but it also frees the person from the anxiety of losing money. Often, when people try to pursue that which will make them a happy person, happiness eludes them. This is shown clearly through Pakhom, in his relentless search for more and more land. However, those who look at what they do have and realize how great what they have really is, they are able to be truly happy. This we can see through Pakhom’s wife who was satisfied and happy when they had very little. It is understandable that Tolstoy was able to write this story so clearly showing Pakhom’s mistakes; for, Leo Tolstoy went through many similar experiences. Look at his
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pursuit of happiness - 3 sources - Miriam Weinberger...

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