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Week 2 dq1 - that the resources come from valid resources...

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When you conduct research in a library versus online there are different strategies, which should be used in order to find information, which is valid and relevant to the topic being investigated. When in the library, one can worry less about the quality of resources, because an academic library has relevant texts and scientific magazines. In the library, it less likely to use poor sources, but it still important to check sources for bias, fallacies and rhetoric. On the contrary, researching online is very different. One has to make sure
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Unformatted text preview: that the resources come from valid resources, and are copyrighted. It is important to make sure that the sources have authors or editors, and fall into a relatively recent timeline. In order to do this it is recommended to use University websites or electronic journals that are scientific. Another resource is to use search engines such as Google Scholar, which will filter out bias and media related web pages. No matter where a resource comes from, it is important to read it with a critical eye, and reference it properly....
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