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distance learning 2 - students and teachers inflections...

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Part 1 I once had to give feedback to a guy I was tutoring. I had to explain to him that if he did not pass he would not be able to play sports. He just wanted to party and hang out with his friends. By me staying calm and explaining it to him he stayed and passed the class. If it would have not been face to face contact he would have just ignored me and not passed class. So he will no longer have been able to play sports. The main difference to me from face to face and distance learning is you can see there reaction and know if they are taking you seriously or not. Part 2 Attending a university from a distance, i.e. in the online environment, is challenging and rewarding. The disadvantages of communication in this setting include difficulty reading
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Unformatted text preview: students and teachers inflections without the benefit of face to face interaction during lessons. It is also somewhat more difficult for non-linguistic learners to absorb material than it might be in the slightly more flexible environment of a brick and mortar campus. However, the security and flexibility of being able to submit an assignment whenever it is convenient (although of course, before the deadline) and to send messages to teachers and fellow students at any time are both significant benefits. One additional topic to consider, though, is that those of used to communicating informally via email and instant messenger services must remember to use a more formal style and tone when addressing a college audience....
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