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EVE 101 Discussion Summer Session I, 2009 Paper Critique Instructions The purpose of this assignment is to write a critical analysis of a paper published in a scientific journal. In general, you need to demonstrate that you have read the paper carefully and have thought comprehensively about the achievements as well as the weaknesses of the paper. Reading the Paper: 1. Read the paper more than once . It generally takes 2-3 readings of a paper in order to think about it critically and digest the contents. 2. Focus on identifying the author’s main objectives, conclusions, and data used to support those conclusions. 3. Do not worry about understanding the more complicated statistics. Take the author’s statistical findings at face value, unless you know enough statistics to make a valid comment. However, you will need to know what data was collected, how it was collected, and how it was used to support the main conclusions. Writing the Critique
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