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critique_rubric(3) - 5pts III Conclusion-The essay’s main...

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EVE 101 Discussion SS I 2009 NAME______________ SECTION____________ RUBRIC: CRITIQUE ESSAY I. Introduction - Author’s objectives and research are briefly summarized - The main strengths and weaknesses of the article are noted - Thesis statement is clearly stated _____3 pts II. Supporting Paragraphs - Topic sentences are clear and linked to the thesis statement - The authors’ work is carefully evaluated using supporting evidence from the article - Evidence is paraphrased and cited, where appropriate - Suggestions are provided, including alternative methods to be considered and/or alternative interpretation of results
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Unformatted text preview: ____ 5pts III. Conclusion-The essay’s main points are summarized clearly as they relate to the essay’s thesis statement-An overall (but specific) opinion of the article is given-Further avenues of research are suggested, and/or the ecological implications of the article are given ___4 pts IV. Content-Grammatical and sentence structure errors are minimal and do not impeded our understanding of the essay’s central argument-Formal language and tone is utilized through-out ____2 pts TOTAL ______/ 14 pts Comments:...
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