lecture18 - Food Webs July 24 1 Top Carnivores Tertiary...

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Unformatted text preview: Food Webs July 24 1 Top Carnivores Tertiary Consumers Ecosystem Ecosystem all species and their abiotic environment in an area Trophic Level the position of an organism in the ecosystem according to how it obtains energy Carnivores Secondary Consumers Herbivores Primary Consumers Plants - Producers Decomposers Detritus Cycle of Materials Energy Flow Energy Flow Plants Plants Gross Productivity Solar Energy Net Productivity 50% Respiration (heat) 50% (capture of solar energy) (biomass production) 2% Herbivores Herbivores Decomposers Decomposers Respiration (heat) Inges- tion Assim- ilation Growth, reprod. 10% 70% 30% Egestion 70% 50% 100% 90% 30% 50% Food Webs July 24 2 Energy entering trophic level n Energy entering trophic level n-1 Herbivores Herbivores Plants Plants Carnivores Carnivores Herbivores Herbivores Top Top Carnivores Carnivores Carnivores Carnivores ~5% ~10% ~15% Low because herbivores eat only a small fraction of plants Higher because carnivores eat a larger fraction of herbivores Higher because assimilation efficiency is higher for carnivores than for herbivores Plants Plants Herbivores Herbivores Carnivores Carnivores Pyramid of Biomass Pyramid of Biomass Top Carnivores Top Carnivores (X100) Food Chain a linear sequence of species (or groups of species) in which each species feeds exclusively on the next trophic level down in the chain....
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lecture18 - Food Webs July 24 1 Top Carnivores Tertiary...

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