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F08 Q1Key - Hydrogen Bonds which form between Leu and water...

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Quiz 1 Bio 310: Introductory Biochemistry Fall 2008 Keyed Answers 1. Thioester, imidazole, mixed anhydride. 2. A typo caused there to be two acceptable answers: A and B were given credit. Answer E is clearly negated because two answers were accepted (so E will not be given credit ). 3. [Fructose 1,6-bisphosphate] [ADP] Keq = _____________________________ [Fructose 6-phosphate] [ATP] 4. B. (0.15) pH = pKa+log ____ = 4.76 + log 0.183 = 4.76 + (-.737) = 4.02 (0.82) pH range(s) for which Acetic Acid is a buffer: Actually, answer for 4 above makes no difference. Acetic acid buffers in the range of pH 3.76 to 5.76. (plus and minus one pH unit about pKa) 5. Most common possible answer:
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Unformatted text preview: Hydrogen Bonds which form between Leu and water Hydrophobic interactions (Leu is non-polar) Ionic Interactions (ions of water + charged group of Leu). 6. (5 points) Give the three letter abbreviations for the letters in the word THINK: T___Thr____ H__His_____ I__Ile_____ N__Asn_____ K__Lys_____ 7. Separation: Gel exclusion chromatography and PAGE Sequence: Edman degradation, (Tandem) Mass Spectroscopy (or MS/MS) 8. TWO. There is no ionizable R-group, so only the termninal –COOH and NH3 are ionizable. 9. (1 point) What Constant is used to designate the Ion Product of Water? _____ Kw _____ 1 * 10-14 M is a value , not a physical constant....
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