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My W08 Test 2 answers - 1 Which of the following would NOT...

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1. Which of the following would NOT be found on the extracellular face of the plasma membrane as a normal component? A. Sphingolipids like sphingomyelins B. Cholesterol C. Farnesyl-linked proteins D. Glycerophospholipids like phosphatidylserine E. Glycosylphosphtidylinositol-linked proteins 2. Which statement is FALSE? 3. What specific mechanism is used in Step 2 of glycolysis, the conversion of glucose 6-phosphate to fructose 6-phosphate. A. Oxidation B. Racemization C. Isomerization D. Phosphorylation E. Decarboxylation 4. What important reaction occurred to yield α-ketoglutarate from isocitrate? 5. Glycogen is converted to monosaccharide units by: 6. A double-reciprocal plot of data for K+ transport by the Potassium Channel of bacteria would yield which of the following from the Y-axis intercept? A. The maximal rate of potassium transport B. The Kt value for potassium transport C. The Affinity of the channel for potassium D. The Km of the channel for potassium E. Whether an inhibitor of the channel is competitive or uncompetitive
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7. The F-Type Na+/K+ ATPase is characterized as which of the following? A. Symport B. Antiport C. Uniport D. Facilitated Transport E. Spaceport 8. The term “depolarization” can best be applied to which of the following? 9. Which of the following would be found in large numbers within modules of proteins in a Receptor Enzyme signaling pathway?
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