SP08 Exam3 - ) KE.EP trfiSWHOLH CTO'V T S FORM 2 Biology3...

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) KE.EP TtrfiS WHOLH S CT}O'V FORM 2 Biology 310 Introductory Biochemistry Dr. Balazovich Spring Term Exam 3 16 June 2008 You are responsible for all information on this page. 1. Ensure that you have 7 total pages in this section. Ensure that your name and 8-digit student number (not social security number) are clearly written on the Scantron Form. 2. Ensure that you have only one answer per question, and that a// questions are answered. 3. Ensure that erasures are removed completely. We will not be responsible for correcting any answer due to sloppiness 4. Use only pencil on Scantron forms. Use PEN on short answer and essays to be eligible for regrading later. You may not overwrite pencil with pen. 5. Write clearly: if we can't read it, it will be marked incorrect. 6. See CTools announcements for regrading guidelines. 7. Simple calculators may be used if necessary. No graphing calculators, cell phone calculators, computers, PDAs, or any other electronic devices may be used at any time. Point Values 1-35 3 points each 105 Points Free Response section 45 Total = 150 Points Log all answers to questions 1-35 on scantron forms All exam papers must be turned in by 12 PM. We will begin grading after the exam. Grades and papers will likely be available late Monday or early Tuesday, depending upon how fast the scantron papers are graded. Scores will be available on Coursetools as soon as they are complete. Papers likely will be available only outside Dr. B's office
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x I I ll 1. Which of the following Group Transfer reactions is important in the regulation of Gln Synthetase? a. Phosphoryl group transfer to the regulators AT and Pll b. Reduction of alpha-ketoglutarate by the transfer of two electrons from Gln c. Uridylylation of Pll d. Transfer of PPi to Glutamine Synthetase then transfer of PPi to AT e. None of the above are Group Transfer reactions, as originally defined 2.lf a liver cell needs to synthesize Stearate (18:0) using de novo pathways, in what two cellular locations would reactions happen? a. Cytosol and endoplasmic reticulum b. Endoplasmic reticulum and mitochondria c. Cytosol and mitochondria d. Endoplasmic reticulum and peroxisomes e. Cytosol and plasma membrane 3. One round of reactions
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SP08 Exam3 - ) KE.EP trfiSWHOLH CTO'V T S FORM 2 Biology3...

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