Exam 3 Sping 2002 - .-r_1 PRAC TICEE XAM: Bio310 Introduc...

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CTICE EXAM: .-r_1 PRA Bio310 Introdu ctory Biochemistry Spring Term 2002 Exam 3 For slrort answer: You should oniy need the space provided. Write clearly. For rnultiple choice: choose the best single answer fol each plobJem by circlipg the letter lext to it, 1. Which of the following pathways does(NoTlccur in the mitochondrial matrix? a. -l,mino acid oxidatiori \/ rO--cry"orWe '-fl-CiTircTii {Cycte d. B-oxidation e. Transformation of pyruvate to acetyl-CoA tluough pyuvate dehydrogelase 2. Wrat is the nrain function of bile salts? a. - Fomr alayer on the surface of chylonricrons . .b. .-Gleave the'esterbonds.of{r-iacylgryge{ols to release fatty acid molecules Transport called . , 4. hlq ,. '/ < rll^. 4. fh;{nnation of -double bonds during fatty-aeid sgrthesis i \t Is performed by a Mixed Function Oxidase \ \H'eErites-NdDH-and .p*DHz.__-_--' E Can be accomplished at the C-15 position in animals but not in plants d' Happens due to enzylne channeling as a malonyl residue is attacired to the grorving fatty acid chain e. None of the above 5. What would be the effect of adding an inhibitor: of ATP synthase (Oligomycin) to a preparation of mitochondria in a test tube that also contains a high concentration of ADP and Pi? a. Oxidative Phosphorylation would be uncoupled b. The proton gradient across the membrane would be disrupted * c, The membrane potential due to the proton gradient would be intac! but ATP slmthesis wouid be inhibited ]d Jlre-spacific-fr4lction of Fo would be prevented (€. Both A and B \
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{,i :'-::'"6. Cholesterol is,a precursor lbr all a. Vitarnin D fff)iitarnin C't, esterf ' d. Testosterone e. Steroid hornrones ..'-*-*) Wri clr o f tlre foilowin g 56 Xr;nArceming Nitro ge' Fixari o'? *4_ -R_equires a Diliqr_-dge5-ae and a Reductase J b. Requires 2 electrons foleach Nr i ;-tli-dduceJ z wg rt roijii.ri8 etEctrbns d. Is accomplished under araerobic conditions ploduced by Legliemoglobin e. Uses ATP to provide binding energy to lower the reduction potential, and therefore lower large activatioir energy The Calvin Cycle is regulated by a. Electron
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Exam 3 Sping 2002 - .-r_1 PRAC TICEE XAM: Bio310 Introduc...

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