Enzymes - B r o 3 l \ F a \ \7 o o + Unit 3 Questions...

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Bro3l\ Fa\\ 7oo+ Unit 3 Questions - Efrz-ulanss U 1) An enzyme thatcatalyzes the reaction AAB changes,the: A) heat of reaction B) equilibrium constant C) equilibrium concentration of A D) entropy of the reaction E) rate of both the forward and reverse reaction 2)Zymogens are inactive precursors, which are made active by: A) Phosphorylation B) Allosteric activators C) Selective proteolysis D) Modification of the active site E) Feedback activation 3) Shown below is the initial velocity of an allosteric enzyme applied against increasing substrate concentrations. How would the curve change in the presence of a common allosteric activator? Draw in the curve. A\So, \obe\ 4be- ? tS. st (u$/''n) fsl t*vt)
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5) A hyperbolic binding curve differs from a sigmoidal binding curve in that the protein in the hyperbolic curve: A) has a single equilibrium constant for ligand binding B) Binds more ligand after the initial proteins
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Enzymes - B r o 3 l \ F a \ \7 o o + Unit 3 Questions...

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