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Chapter 19 OxPhos Worksheet

Chapter 19 OxPhos Worksheet - Biology 310 Worksheet Chapter...

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Biology 310 Worksheet Chapter 19 Worksheet (Oxidative Phosphorylation) Key Concepts -Where do metabolic pathways occur in mitochondria? -Which metabolic pathways occur in the mitochondria? -Which electron carriers transport electrons to the ETS? -Which electron carriers are used by complexes in the ETS? -How many electrons can each of these electron carriers carry? -What are the 4 membrane bound multi-enzeyme complexes used in Oxidative Phosphorylation? Complex I=___________________________________ Complex II=___________________________________ Complex III=___________________________________ Complex IV=___________________________________ Complex I -Which electron carrier are electrons accepted from? -What carriers pass the electrons through Complex 1? -Are protons pumped out of the matrix? If so how many? Complex II -What pathway do the electrons that are transported by the complex come from? -Which step in the pathway is this? (i.e. what is the product, what is the substrate and what is the name of the enzyme?) -What electron carriers are used to transport electrons in this complex? -How else can electrons enter the ETS, without coming from Complex I or Complex II?
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Biology 310 Worksheet Complex III -What electron carries are used in this complex and in what order are they used? -Understand the Q Cycle!!!! The Q Cycle - Round 1 : Ubiquinone transfers ____ electron(s), ____ of which is given to an Iron-Sulfur protein, which gives it’s electron(s) to
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