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Department of Career and Management Studies Course Outline Course Name : Finance 2 MGCR 342 - 771 – Winter 2010 Instructor : Stephen Wong Contact Information : Home: (450) -465-0907 Cell : (514 )-893-4366 Course Objectives : This course is intended to provide an analytically oriented introduction to finance theory and a rigorous theoretical foundation. By the end of this course, students will have been exposed to a wide spectrum of investment tools available in the market place and be able to evaluate their returns and risks. Course Description : In this course, students will study several major areas of investment tools ; including utility theory, short term investments, portfolio theories, asset pricing models and arbitrage, bond yields and durations, stock valuations, option pricing theory and investments in foreign currencies. As a prerequisite, students should have a reasonable background in the basics of finance including risk-return relationships as well as simple valuation of financial securities learnt in Finance 1. Texts : Berk and DeMarzo; “ Corporate Finance” Pearson Education Inc., 2007. My sets of lecture notes available on WebCT… Evaluation : Mid-Term Exam 30% Test 20% Final Exam 50% (Details of the evaluation will be made clear in the first class)
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Course Requirements : A FINANCIAL CALCULATOR is necessary for this course. You may use both a scientific and a financial calculator during the exams, but alpha-numeric programmable calculators are not permitted . You should bring your calculator to all classes and exams. Dictionaries
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mcgillfinMGCR341-771%5b2%5d(2) - Department of Career and...

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