Final Review Questions - Lecture 28: Name three beneficial...

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Lecture 28: Name three beneficial components of breast milk: (Sanitary nutrients, growth promoters, bactericides, mother’s antibodies, and anti-inflammatory factors.) How does eating breakfast affect well-nourished and previously malnourished children? (No effect on well-nourished children and significant negative effect on previously malnourished children.) T/F: School Breakfast Program affected how long students stay in school. (True) Which phase of nutrition is affected the least by nutrition? (Metastasis) T/F: Getting a chicken pox vaccination increases your risk of developing cancer. (False) Name two things that can be caused by Vitamin A deficiency (Bitot’s spot, Nightblindness, Xerosis, and Permanent blindness) T/F: Acne can be caused by eating excessive amounts of “junk food.” (False) Lecture 29-30 1. The common sailor’s disease that causes tender joints and easy bruising is called what? It is caused by a deficiency of what vitamin? (Scurvy, Vitamin C deficiency) 2. Name 2 of the 3 ways of cooking foods that are considered to increase your risk of cancer? (Smoking foods, Charcoal grilling, Deep Frying) 3. Protein consumption can increase your risk for what two diseases? (Cancer and Osteoporosis) 4. Africa has the lowest Calcium consumption in the world but yet has one of the lowest rates of osteoporosis, give two reasons why?
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Final Review Questions - Lecture 28: Name three beneficial...

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