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TermPaperF09 - NS 115 FALL 2009 TERM PAPER ASSIGNMENT The...

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1 NS 115 FALL 2009 TERM PAPER ASSIGNMENT The term paper assignment consists of five (5) separate assignments. Successful completion of each assignment is required in order to do well and each assignment is describe below: In the first assignment you will: CHOOSE a controversial issue within the areas of nutrition, health or societal and select four (4) original peer-reviewed scientific papers within the area of your controversy. It is recommended that you find two (2) articles that support your controversy and two (2) articles that oppose your controversy. In the second assignment you will ANALYZE one of your approved articles within the area of your controversy. In the analysis you will: DESCRIBE the experimental design of the study EVALUATE each study to determine the soundness of the authors' conclusions: (1)What did the authors observe? That is what are the experimental results and significance of the results. (2)What inferences did they make about those observations? That is, what are the auth or’s conclusions? (3)Are those inferences sound? Identify and support one strength and one weakness of the experimental design: What aspects of the way the research was conducted lead you to believe the authors' conclusions? (These are strengths .) What facets of the research design suggest that the results might be explained in a different way or lead you to not believe that author's conclusions? (These are weaknesses .) INTERPRET OR DECIDE which side of the controversy the scientific evidence that you have reviewed best supports. Examine the strength and weakness you identified and DECIDE which one is most significant in affecting your opinion on which side of the controversy the article supports. Once you make this decision provide an explanation as to WHY you made this decision. In the third assignment you will: WRITE a persuasive paper explaining your point of view and how the scientific evidence substantiates that perspective. The target audience for your paper should be Cornell freshmen who are not science majors. THIS WILL BE A CRITICAL PAPER THAT EVALUATES THE STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES OF AT LEAST 4 ORIGINAL SCIENTIFIC STUDIES FROM PEER- REVIEWED JOURNALS. In the fourth assignment you will: CRITIQUE the rough draft of a classmate’s term paper In the fifth assignment you will: Take the comments from your TA and classmate’s critique of your rough draft and make the recommended edits/corrections to improve your paper into a final critical evaluation of four scientific articles which pertain to your controversial topic.
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2 PROCEDURES AND DEADLINES : ASSIGNMENT #1 : (5PTS) To select and describe the two sides of your controversial topic and to select four (4) references (with at least one within the last 2 yr) that will be used to support your argument.
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