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S Y L L A B U S Nutritional Sciences/Anthropology 2750 HUMAN BIOLOGY AND EVOLUTION Fall 2009, 3 Credits Instructors : Dr. Jere D. Haas Dr. Zhenglong Gu Division of Nutritional Sciences Division of Nutritional Sciences 220 Savage Hall Room 317 Savage Hall Tel: 255-2665 Tel: 254-5144 e-mail: e-mail: Teaching Assistants (TA): Graduate TA David Brown Undergraduate TA Dorothy Du Undergraduate TA Jane Caty Course Description : This is a survey of the ancient and present-day biology of our species- Homo sapiens . As an introductory course, the approach is one that examines the mechanisms and events of human evolution, biological diversity, and modes of human adaptations to past and present natural and cultural environments. The course explores some of the causes and consequences of present-day human biological variation. It presents an introduction to the evolutionary forces that resulted in this variation and explores the positive (adaptive) and negative (disease) implications of
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This note was uploaded on 01/06/2010 for the course NS 2750 taught by Professor Haas&gu during the Fall '08 term at Cornell University (Engineering School).

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Course description - SYLLABUS Nutritional...

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