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Sample questions for NS/Anth 275 Final Exam- Fall 2008 (Questions from Dr haas’s lectures and related discussions.) Multiple Choice (3 points each) Recent studies of human growth in high-altitude environments show that major factor leading to reduced height in some high-altitude populations. A) cold stress B) poor nutrition C) infectious disease D) UV radiation Regarding brain weight and body weight relationship, which of the following is true? A) Human newborns have similar brain weight relative to body weight compared to chimpanzees. B) Compared to chimpanzees, the human brain grows less post-natally relative to growth in general body size. C) The greatest increase in human brain weight occurs during puberty when the greatest increase in body weight also occurs. D) The larger newborn brain and accompanying larger heads resulted in the cultural practice of cesarean section deliveries in archaic Homo sapiens . Dark skin may be a disadvantage in northern climates because of the lack of vitamin-D can lead to A) Malaria B) Rickets C) Smallpox D) Protein malnutrition Studies of soldiers during the Korean War suggest that dark-skinned people are more prone to __________ than light-skinned people.
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