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Sample questions: Short Answer: Define Haplotype Define Recombination and Linkage disequilibrium Define Complex disorders and GWAS Explain Neutral-selection debate What is “Seashore Man Hypothesis”? MC Evolution of LAC*P alleles in African and Northern European populations indicate: A) Convergent evolution B) Adaptation could occur in the regulatory regions C) Human culture could have a profound impact on our genome evolution D) All of above
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Unformatted text preview: T/F (T) Humans spend much higher percentage of resting metabolic energy on brain than other primate species (F) Species with larger brain have lower requirements for DHA and AA (T) APOE*4 might be an example of thrifty gene because this allele is associated with multiple diseases and it remains higher percentage in populations where food supply is (or was until the recent past) scarce and sporadically available...
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