Week1.Ex1 - newspapers and we expect at least one news...

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Nichelle James St.Helen Week 1 Exercise 1 Dr. Sandra Price April 19, 2009 OM304: Principles of Business Writing January 1, 2008 Mrs. Betty Atkins  422 Carver Road  Cincinnati, OH 45236  Dear Mrs. Atkins,  Thank you for consenting to speak on February 26, on the occasion of our 25 th  Anniversary celebration, which will be held at Hornbeck’s Steak House. The restaurant  will accommodate over two hundred people in the Kramer Dining Room, which is a  separate room located at the front of the facility. It is definitely adequate for all of us plus  friends and guests. 
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Most of the procedures have been completed and we are in the final planning  stages. In two weeks, we plan to send out some publicity releases to the local 
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Unformatted text preview: newspapers and we expect at least one news media to be present for the two hour program. There will be a number of similarities with the program that we held five years ago. In response to a questionnaire we mailed out asking for feedback from former attendees, we found they specifically liked the format we used before and were most definitely enthused about your coming. All details of the event are being handled by my secretary, Jean Powell. If you have any questions, you can write either her or I. In my judgment, it will be the best event yet. Thank you again, for your part in making this event so special. Cordially, Nichelle James St.Helen...
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Week1.Ex1 - newspapers and we expect at least one news...

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