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Week2.WrAss1 - I kindly accept your invitation 4 No 25(Page...

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Nichelle James St.Helen Week 2 Writing Assignment 1 Dr. Sandra Price April 26, 2009 OM304: WEEK 2 WRITING ASSIGNMENT 1 1. No. 20 (Page 154) I am Brandon Brockway, the assistant manager of Information Services & Technology at HealthCentral, Inc. Our company needs to integrate human resources and payroll functions. I have a few questions about ‘HRFocus,” a software product that may solve our problems. 2. No. 22 (Page 154) Thank you for your letter of March 4. I have researched whether or not we offer colored European-style patio umbrellas. This unique umbrella is very popular. Its 10-foot canopy swivels and tilts to protect from the sun at any angle throughout the day. It is available in cream and forest green.
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3. No. 24 (Page 155) I am pleased to be considered for a speaker at your business management club meeting on May 2. The topic of online resumes interests me and would be beneficial to your members.
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Unformatted text preview: I kindly accept your invitation. 4. No. 25 (Page 155) Thank you for your recent order of February 4. You will love the high-quality Color-Block Sweaters with an 80/20 cotton/polyester blend ordered from our spring catalog. Your order is being processed and should leave our warehouse in mid-February. UPS is used for all deliveries in southern California. Your order will be shipped after February 18 after we embroider your logo in a two-tone combination. You should expect your order around February 20. 5. No. 27 (Page 155) You will be receiving your replacement PC power packs by BigDog Express after November 10. We have noted your complaint on November 3 and tried to rectify the situation. Please forgive us for an inconvenience caused and lost sales suffered. We have provided you in the past with quality products and prompt service and hope to continue in the future....
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Week2.WrAss1 - I kindly accept your invitation 4 No 25(Page...

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