Week4.Ex1 - • Organizational chart 4 Figures showing the...

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Nichelle James St.Helen Week 4 Exercise 1 Dr. Sandra Price May 8, 2009 OM304 WEEK 4 Exercise 1  Directions: There are basically eight categories of graphics: table, bar chart, line chart,  pie chart, flowchart, organization chart, illustration, and map. For the following eight  report figures, identify which graphic would be appropriate for each. ( Hint: to help you I  have underlined key words when appropriate. Some have options.)  1.  Figure showing the process  of converting grapes into wine.  Flowchart 2.  Figures showing what proportion  of each state tax dollar is spent on  education, social services, transportation, debt, and other expenses.  Pie chart
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3.  Data showing the academic, administrative, and operation divisions of a   college  , from the president to department chairs and division managers. 
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Unformatted text preview: • Organizational chart 4. Figures showing the operating revenue of a company for the past five years. • Line chart 5. Figures comparing the sales of PDAs (personal digital assistants), cell phones, and laptop computers over the past five years. • Bar chart 6. Percentages showing the causes of forest fires (lightning, 73 percent; arson, 5 percent; campfires, 9 percent; and so on) in the Rocky Mountains. • Pie chart 7. Figure comparing the costs of cable, DSL, and satellite Internet service in ten major metropolitan areas of the United States for the past ten years (the boss wants to see exact figures). • Table 8. Figure showing the distribution of West Nile virus in humans by state. • Maps...
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Week4.Ex1 - • Organizational chart 4 Figures showing the...

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