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1 Purdue University ECE ECE -547 547 Introduction to Computer Introduction to Computer Communication Networks Communication Networks Instructor: Instructor: Xiaojun Xiaojun Lin Lin Lecture 5 Lecture 5 Purdue University The Internet Architecture The Internet Architecture ¾ In the mid 1970s, after the ARPANET packet-switching network had been established, ARPA began exploring data communications using satellite and mobile packet radio networks. ¾ The need to develop protocols to provide packet communication across multiple, possibly dissimilar, networks soon became important. ¾ An internet or internetwork [Leon Garcia and Widjija 2000] was created to interconnect multiple networks into a single large networks. ¾ Idea : The component networks may differ in terms of their underlying technology and operation (e.g., they could be different types of LANs, ATM networks, etc) but the Internet would be able to allow them to seamlessly communicate.
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2 Purdue University The Internet Protocol The Internet Protocol ¾ The Internet Protocol (IP) was developed to provide for the connectionless transfer of packets across an inter-network. ¾ In IP, the component networks are interconnected by special packet switches called gateways or routers . ¾ IP routers direct the transfer of IP packets across the Internet. ¾ IP currently provides best-effort services. ¾ The design of IP is to keep the operation within the Internet simple by relegating complex functions to the edge of the Internet. For example ¾ When congestion occurs inside the internet, packets are discarded and the end-to-end mechanisms at the edges of the network are responsible for the recovery of packet losses and/or for adapting to
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Lecture5_2up - ECE-547 Introduction to Computer...

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