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Kaye 1 Michael Kaye Dr. Radcliffe AFRO 335: History of Racism 14 October 2009 Film: Africans in America-Questions 1. 2.A) Who benefitted from the establishment of British colonies in the Americas? Anglo Saxon, wealthy, landowning men benefitted from the colonies. With the cultivation of the new wonder crop (tobacco) and a favorite staple (cotton), merchants who invested in these untamed lands and their settlers gained a huge profit from the success of nicotine in Europe and the fledgling textile market receiving a boost of raw material. Also, the newly founded slave trade put many a trader in lavish wealth. B) What kind of hardships did the establishment of the colonies create for Europeans, for Africans, and for Native Americans? For the conquering Europeans, they faced the danger of invading a foreign land without the advantages of a map. Starvation, extreme weather, and the looming doom of Indian attacks mixed together to create a cocktail to send any pilgrim running home, buckles jingling. Yet the opportunity to own your own land and makes mounds of money outweighed the fear of seeing
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Africans_in_America_Questions - Kaye 1 Michael Kaye Dr....

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