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HISTORY OF RACISM DR. KENDAHL RADCLIFFE CAL STATE FULLERTON AFRO ETHNIC STUDIES FALL 2009 (Syllabus may be revised) Office: HUM 324E [email protected] Office Hours: Tuesday 10:30-1:30 Ext. 2798 Re: Furloughs and Class Meeting Times Section 10106- MW 10-11:15 Section 19212- MW 7-9:45 PM Please note: CSUF faculty agreed to take furlough days to a) keep student fees from increasing any further and b) to prevent even more classes from being cut due to the State’s budget crisis. Make sure you check your syllabus as in class meeting times have been altered to be in line with furlough guidelines. While we may not meet face-to-face students are still responsible for completing all assignments on furlough days. Furlough Schedule for Afro 335- No in-class face-to-face meetings. See Blackboard for assignments. August 31 September 23, 30 October 21 November 18 This course will explore the history of racism in the Western Hemisphere (with particular emphasis on North America). Race, is a social construct that is not grounded in biological fact. Historically various philosophies have emerged in an attempt to shore up a theoretic rationale for racial inferiority under the guise of science. It is important to understand that many of the Western worlds greatest thinkers, writers, artists and scientists were also proponents of biological determinism, Social Darwinism and Eugenics. These pseudo- scientific and theoretical constructs have been used to justify the primacy of racist ideologies and institutions in the United States (slavery, imperialism, colonial expansion and genocide are just a few examples). It is important to put racism in historical context so that we can better understand how its legacy operates in both covert and overt forms in our contemporary society and in popular culture. Course Objective
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Students must be able to understand the chronology of racism in the United States. You must also be able to critically analyze the past and current debates surrounding white supremacy. By the end of the semester a clear articulation of how institutional racism has shaped US history must be demonstrated in your final exam paper. Required Text: Blackboard Reader: Readings available online via Blackboard. Check each week for changes or additional readings. Requirements: Readings: Students are required to complete all of the readings for each week. Since the University has mandated furloughs for faculty, your readings will take greater prominence in each of your assignments. Attendance: Attendance is mandatory. There will be in class assignments for you to complete. Although I will not be taking attendance, it is in your interest to come to class since missed assignments cannot be made up. In Class Activities:
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