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Jackson Messat to Cong - Transcript of President Andrew J...

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Unformatted text preview: Transcript of President Andrew J ackson's Message to Congress ’01; Indian Removal' (1830) Andrew Jackson‘s Annual Message [2. gives. me pleasure to announce to Congrcsgo that the benevolent: policy of the Government, steadily pursued for nearfiy thirty years, in roiation to the removai of the Indians beyond the white sotfiomoms is approaching to a happy consummation. Two impormm tribes haw: accepted the provision made for {hair romovai at. the 'iast session of Congress, and it is; heiioved Ehat their oxampEo will} induco the remaining tribes; aiso to geek the 3mm: obvious; advantages. The: consequences of a, speedy removal will be important to the United States, to ioizdividuai Statos, and to the Indians; i:hemsoives. The pecuniary advantages which it promises to the Government are the Mast of its recommendations. It puts an. and to aH possible- daogor of coliésion between the: authoréaieo of the. Genera} and State Governments on. accoum of the Indians. It wiil place 21 dense and: civiiized population £11 Mtge tracts; of country now occupied. by a flaw savago hunters. By opening the whole territory botwoon Tenoessoo on the norm and Louisiana on the south to the settieo‘zont of the Whites it wél] incaEcuiany strengthen the southwestern frontier aod render the acijaconr. States; strong onough to repel future invasions without remote aid. it win reiievo the whole State of Miosissippi and the westem pm of Alabama of Indian occupaooy, and eoabie those States to advanco rapfidiy in popuiation, weaith, and power. It Wiii separate“: the Indians from immediate contact. with settlements of whites; free them from {he power of Ehe States; ombie them to pursue happiness in their own way anci under their own moo institutions; wiil retard the progress of decay, which is .iessoning their numbem, and perhapo cause them. gradoafly, under the protection of the Government amt Enron. g1: the influence of good couosois, to cast off their savago habits and become an intorosting, oiviiizedo and Christian community. What good man would gmfor a country covered with. forests and ranged by a few thousand 3avages to our extengive Repubiic, studded with oitiog, towns, £1.de prosyorous farms embellished with 2111 the improvomoms which art can devise or industry executo, occupied by more tho}; £2,000,036 happy people, and fiiioci with a}! the bfossiogo of liberty, civilization am? rciigion? The prosont poiicy of the Government is but a continuation of the some: progrosszive change by a miidor process. The tribes which occnpioii the cou‘oaxios now coostitutiog the Eastern Stawo were annihilated or have melted away to make room for the Whites. The waves of population and civilization are roiling to the wootward, and we. now propose in acquire the countries occupied by tho rod men of £116 South and West. by a fair exchange}, and, oi the expanse oftho United States, to mac? thorn to iand where Ehoir existonoe may be pm'ionged anti perhaps made jpefpemal.. Doubtiess it Win he 932mm} te ieave the grave& of their fathers; but. what do {he}! mere than our ancestors did 01' than our ehi‘idren are now doing? To better their condition it? an unknown Eend our forefathers left 33 that waits dear in earth'iy objects. 013:? chiidren by abousands yeariy Eeave the {and of their birth to seek. new homes in. dietant regions“ Does; Humanity wee? at these painin separati was from everything, animate and inanimate, with which the you eg bear: has became entwined? Far from it I: is rather a source ofjey that our ceumry afforcis scope where mu- ye‘ung population. may range eneonstrm'ned in body or in mind, deveioping the power and faciiiiiee of mm in their highegt perfectien. These remove hencireds and alimest thousands of mi ies at their own expense, purchase the iémds; they occupy, and eupport themselves at their new homes from {he moment of their arrivaL Can it be eruei in this Government when, by events which it: can not contrei, the Indian is made discementeci in his; ancient home to purchase his kinds, {(3 give him a new anti extensive territory; m pay the expense of his removai, and support, him a year in his new abode? How many thousands of 0111‘ awn peepie would gladly embrace the oppm’mmty of removing to the West on such ccmditiens! If she effere made to the Indiafis were extencied to them, they wenid he haiieci with gratitude and joy. And is; it. supposed that. the wandering savage has a stranger attachment to hit; home than the seztieci, eivfiized Christian? Is it more afflicting to him [0 feave the gravee of his fathers than. it is 16) our brewers: and chiidren? Rightiy’ cemidereé, {he peiicy of the Genera}. Governmeni toward the red mm} not 0133}? liberal, but generoee. He unwilling to submit in the laws of the States and mingie with their poeuiation. Te save him fmm this attemative, or perhaps 11m?! annihiiatiefl, the Genexai Government kindi'y effers him 21 new home, and propeses m pay the whele expense of his remove} and set'filement‘ ...
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Jackson Messat to Cong - Transcript of President Andrew J...

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