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ssawicki 1 of 1 English 305 FALL 2009 Issue #1 November 17 Foul Language, Euphemisms, and Linguistic Humor Edwin L. Battistella “Bad Words” Billy Bryson “Swearing” Gloria Naylor “The Meanings of a Word” Deborah Tannen “Freedom to Talk Dirty” Michael Meved “The Infatuation with Foul Language” Charles Berlitz: “The Etymology of the International Insult” Shister: “Utley had TV, radio cursing” Mucha “F-bombs, like Utleys, go before Supreme Court” Liptak “Justices Ponder TV’s ‘Fleeting Expletives” Elliot “A Push to Curb the Casual Use of Ugly Phrases HEW , “infixing”
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Unformatted text preview: p. 113-114 HEW , “Euphemisms and Dysphemisms” p. 240-241 HEW , “Perjoration and Amelioration” p. 241-242 HEW , “Politically Correct Language” p. 245-247 2008 November: The United States Supreme Court Decision: Fox Broadcasting vs. the FCC questions: Do we overuse profanity? Has it lost some of its power? Have our sensibilities toward foul language been changing in recent years? Are words just words? Do sticks and stones break our bones but words never hurt us? Do euphemisms have the power to conceal, make more appeal, change attitudes? What do our euphemism say about us?...
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