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ssawicki 1 of 1 Language and Gender Deborah Tannen “’I’ll Explain It to You’ Lecturing and Listening” Myth 6 “Women Talk Too Much” HEW , any discussion of gender differences in Chapters 8 & 9 HEW , “Speech Act Theory: Accomplishing Things with Words” p. 253-260 HEW , “The Cooperative Principle: Successfully Exchanging Information” p. 260-266 HEW , “Politeness and Face: Negotiating Relationships in Speaking” p. 266-269 HEW , “Discourse Markers: Signaling Discourse Organization and Authority”
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Unformatted text preview: p. 269-272 HEW , “Conversational Analysis: Taking Turns and the Conversational Floor” p. 272-277 HEW , “Style Shifting: Negotiating Social Meaning” p. 277-280 HEW , “Special Focus: Do Men and Women Speak Differently? p. 280-284 questions: Do men and women use language in different ways, for different purposes? When and how does a man interrupt? When and how does a woman? How does a man get and keep the floor? How does a woman? Does our language reflect our attitudes about and toward men and women?...
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