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pages 114-115 - s Iawicki(2009 114 of 126 Verb Type and...

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Unformatted text preview: s Iawicki (2009) 114 of 126 Verb Type and Complement Exercise For each of the following, identify the verb type (VT, VI, VL) and the verb complement(s) (DO, IOfDO, DO/OC-N, DO/OC—A, SC-N, SC—A, or none) on the lines given; then within each sentence, underline the main verb phrase and circle the verb complement(s). 1A. Sharks swim efficiently. \l .12 NONE- 1B. 2A. Sharks look- ‘5 L- 56, -A 2B. 3A. Sharks look around the pier. \l L L 3B. 4A. Sharks 211. m- DO 5A. Sharks Gamma ‘1 T 90 I oc- N 5B. ‘— 6A. Fish al- \‘I L sac—N 6B. "‘ 7A. Fish give m- M— JW Loo 7B. ”—— 8A. Sharks are® ‘3 L- SC —-(\ 8B. _— 9A. Sharks scare. \l T J) 0 9B. _' 10A. Sharks mak~ \rr no lo c -A 10B. ..__. 11A. Sharks smell. 9 l’ 5C 'A 1113. F” 12A. Sharks smell acutely. \33 NONE 12B. 13A. 13B. 14A. 14B. 15A. 1513. 16A. 16B. 17A. 17B. 18A. 18B. 19A. 1 98. 20A. 20B. 21A. 21B. 22A. 223. 23A. 23B. 24A. 24B. 25A. 25B. 26A. 26B. s snwicki (2009) 115 of 126 Fish fl] .0 sharks. \3 L- 56?— *K Sharks consider“ \h‘ DO 0C — A Sharks conside @W \1T 30 0 c, .. ,q Sharks cannot taste through their skin. “1; NOMC. Humans [email protected] sharks. V 1— 5C -A Sharks Efor decades. “Ir N 0 “E- Sharks iii. 01' o O Sharks omm \31' go o Sharks 2'36. ‘5‘” Do Sharks added up- 4 T D 0 Sharks swam up the current. ‘3 I“ #0“ E» VT ' DO V1 none VL SC—N ...
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