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ssawicki 1 of 3 July 23, 2006 On Language The Ling By ASHLEY PARKER Meet the Six. Their giggles are cute, but not too cute; their hair is straight, but not too straight; and they are very, very cool. They even have their own lingo. The Ling, to be exact. I first discovered the Ling about a year ago, when I was hanging out with my friends — a slightly older and distinctly less cool version of the Six. We were trying to make plans for the night, and someone suggested that we head down to Georgetown. “Yeah, def, ” I replied. “Huh?” “Well, I mean, I think Georgetown would be fun,” I continued. “But whatev. “Who are you?” asked one of my friends, looking alarmed. “You’re talking like. . .Justine.” It hit me. I was becoming my 17-year-old sister. Though I was five years older, full sentences eluded me, and I had subconsciously decided that abbreviating all of my thoughts was fun. And cute. Justine’s love affair with language — or rather, the anti-language — started gradually enough, and I think that’s why I never noticed it. At first, when my mom would ask Justine if she had a lot of homework, Justine would reply, “ Obvi, ” or “The usu .” Then things got worse. Awkward became awk , actually became actu, typical became typ , amazing became amaze and hilarious became hilar. Something utterly hilar, of course, became TOPOSH — Top of the Pillar of St. Hilar — but there was nothing TOPOSH about the situation. As the older sister, I tried to do my part. Sometimes that involved throwing my sneakers at her,
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Parker-The Ling - ssawicki 1 of 3 On Language The Ling By...

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