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315essay 2.f2009 - bEnglish 315: Chaucer 2009 Research...

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bEnglish 315: Chaucer Due: by 10:00pm Monday, December 7, 2009 Research Essay: Fall 2009 Length: 5-7 pp, double-spaced 12 pt font Times New Roman or 4-5 pp, double-spaced 10 pt font Times New Roman The Riddles of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales Follow these format directions: offer a title for the essay, but no title page. Single-space your name, YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS, the date, the course and the topic number you are answering on the top left or right hand corner of the first page. Single-space block quotes. The rest of the essay should be double-spaced. Number each page of your essay except the first one. Follow MLA format for quoting text. Additionally, you will be expected to use at least two critical sources in your paper. These critical sources may be essays from an edited collection, material from a scholarly book, or a journal article. These may be sources you found for the bibliographic exercise. General reference texts such as encyclopedias or dictionaries like the OED or MED may be used, but do not count as sources for this paper. However, you may search online for sources and use printed sources that are also on the Internet, through sites like JSTOR. Librarians can help you with this search process. Cite your primary text, along with your secondary sources, on a Works Cited page. Submit your essays in class, to the English Department (UH 322) , to my office (UH 434), or by email attachment. If sending your essay by email, please put your text in 10 pt Times New Roman font to conserve paper when I print it out. Essays will be returned before the final. 1. Although we might assume that a poet would relish the playfulness, ambiguity, and subtlety of language, Chaucer ends The Canterbury Tales with a Retraction, repenting the writing of most of his works including “the tales of Canterbury, thilke that sounen [lead] into sinne” (X, 1085). Comment on Chaucer’s attitude about language and the practices of language. Is the Retraction a
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315essay 2.f2009 - bEnglish 315: Chaucer 2009 Research...

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