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Chaucer: English 315 F2009 Name:______________________________ Your midterm should be returned by email attachment no later than 5:00pm Friday, October 23, 2009. Put your name on your exam! Clearly identify the questions you are answering. Single- space your answers. Send them by email attachment or paste them into the email, whichever is easier for you. Use your Middle English text and class notes for this take home midterm. Part One : Choose either 1A or 1B and either 1C or 1D. Answer the question(s) at the end of each passage in 5 good sentences (or about 200 words). 15 points for each passage. Answer either 1A or 1B. 1A. Palamoun: Arcite, false traytour wikke, Now artow o hent, that lovest my lady so, art thou For whom that I have al this peyne and wo, And art my blood, and to my conseil sworn, As I ful ofte have told thee herebiforn, And hast byjaped o heere duc Theseus, tricked And falsly chaunged thy name thus! I wol be deed, or elles thou shalt dye. Thou shalt nat love my lady Emelye, But I wol love hire oonly and namo; For I am Palamoun thy mortal foo. . . . . . . . . . . Arcite: I defye the surete and the bond Which that thou seist that I have maad to thee. What! Verray fool, thynk wel that love is free, And I wol love hire maugre o all thy myght. despite (“Knight’s Tale,” I, 580-1607) What does the Knight suggest about the differing value systems espoused by these two speakers? OR
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315midterm.f2009 - Chaucer English 315 F2009 Name Your...

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