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ECOR 1606 Fall 2009 Midterm Lab Test Midterm Lab Test Content The midterm lab test will involve writing a program in C-- ( not C++). The material covered on the midterm lab test will be everything discussed in class and in the notes up to the end of Chapter 3. Part 3 of Lab #4 gives examples of what to expect on the midterm lab test. Midterm Lab Test Dates When: Regular lab period ( Note: test runs the entire lab period, e.g. 11:35am-2:25pm for an 11:30am lab) Dates: Tue Oct 27 th thru Mon Nov 2 nd Midterm Lab Test Details Bring your student card, and (optional) blank scrap paper, pen, and calculator. You will be given the details of a problem that you are to solve in C--, along with a sample executable that you can run to see the expected outputs of your program. As usual, you must submit your program using the submit program before the end of the lab period. If you finish before the end of the lab, you should submit and then put up your hand. A TA or instructor will run your program with some test data. If all the test data passes, you receive a “tick”, and may leave early.
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