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Applications Chapter 1 Name_______________________________ Solve---show all work for credit. Use appropriate units. 4 points each. 1) A certain store has a fax machine available for use by its customers. The store charges $2.15 to send the first page and $0.45 for each subsequent page. The total price, P, for the faxing x pages can be modeled by the formula P = 0.45(x - 1) + 2.15. Determine the number of pages that can be faxed for $3.95. 2) The equation V = -3000t + 24,000 describes the value in dollars of a certain model of car after it is t years old. If a car is worth $15,000, find the age of the car. 3) A car rental agency charges $200 per week plus $0.10 per mile to rent a car. The total cost, C, for the renting the car for one week and driving it x miles can be modeled by the formula C = 0.10x + 200. How many miles can you travel in one week for $210? 4) Robin is having her yard landscaped. She obtained an estimate from two landscaping companies.
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Unformatted text preview: Company A gave an estimate of $200 for materials and equipment rental plus $60 per hour for labor. Company B gave and estimate of $250 for materials and equipment rental plus $50 per hour for labor. Determine how many hours of labor will be required for the two companies to cost the same. 5) Sergio's internet provider charges its customers $9 per month plus 6¢ per minute of on-line usage. Sergio received a bill from the provider covering a 2-month period and was charged a total of $69.00. How many minutes did he spend on-line during that period? (Round to the nearest whole minute, if necessary.) Solve. Express the result in scientific notation. If necessary, round the decimal factor to two decimal places. 6) If the mass of an object is 3.21024 × 10-9 tons and its volume is 3.84 × 10-7 cubic feet, find the density of this object. (Use the formula D = M V .) 1...
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