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Unformatted text preview: Applications Chapter 4 Name____________________________ Show all work and solve. Use appropriate units. 1) It takes 16 minutes to set up a candy making machine. Once the machine is set up, it produces 15 candies per minute. Use an inequality to find the number of candies that can be produced in 5 hours if the machine has not yet been set up. 2) Greg is opening a car wash. He estimates his cost equation as C = 6000 + 0.06x and his revenue equation as R = 1.6x, where x is the number of cars washed in a six-month period. Find the number of cars that must be washed in a six-month period for Greg to make a profit. 3) A landscaping company sells 40-pound bags of top soil. The actual weight x of a bag, however, may differ from the advertised weight by as much as 0.75 pound. Write an inequality involving absolute value that expresses the relationship between the actual weight x of a bag and 40 pounds. Solve the inequality, and express the answer in interval form. 4) The equation that represents the proper traffic control and emergency vehicle response availability in a small city is 2P + 3F 23, where P is the number of police cars on active duty and F is the number of fire trucks that have left the firehouse in response to a call. In order to comply with staffing limitations, the equation 2P + F 17 is appropriate. The number of police cars on active duty and the number of fire trucks that have left the firehouse in response to a call cannot be negative, so P 0 and F 0. Graph the regions satisfying all the availability and staffing requirements, using the horizontal axis for P and the vertical axis for F. If 3 police cars are on active duty and 6 fire trucks have left the firehouse in response to a call, are all of the requirements satisfied? 1 ...
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