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appschap6 - on the job and the cost of labor is $50 per...

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Applications Chapter 6 Name________________________ Set up and equation and solve. Use appropriate units. 1) A cleaning company has monthly fixed costs of $13,000 for its facilities and it costs $80 per house for each house that it cleans. How many houses must the company clean each month to have an average cost per house of $130? 2) The function f(x) = 30,000 + 280x x models the average cost per unit, f(x), for Electrostuff to manufacture x units of Electrogadget IV. How many units must the company produce to have an average cost per unit of $410? 3) Mark and Rachel both work for Smith Landscaping Company. Mark can finish a planting job in 4 hours, while it takes Rachel 5 hours to finish the same job. If Mark and Rachel will work together
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Unformatted text preview: on the job, and the cost of labor is $50 per hour, what should the labor estimate be? (Round to the nearest cent, if necessary.) 4) In a race, Car A starts 1 mile behind Car B. Car A is traveling at 65 miles per hour, while Car B is traveling at 45 miles per hour. How long will it take for Car A to overtake Car B? 5) A baker can decorate the day's cookie supply four times as fast as his new assistant. If they decorate all the cookies working together in 24 minutes, how long would it take for each of them to decorate the cookies working individually? 1...
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