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appschap7 - 4 It has been found that the less income people...

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Applications Chapter 7 Name_________________________________ Show all work and solve. Use appropriate units. 1) The average height of a boy in the United States, from birth through 60 months, can be modeled by y = 2.9 x + 20.1 where y is the average height, in inches, of boys who are x months of age. What would be the expected difference in height between a child 36 months of age and a child 16 months of age? 2) The distance d in miles that can be seen on the surface of the ocean is given by d = 1.7h 1/2 , where h is the height in feet above the surface. How high would a platform have to be to see a distance of 19.5 miles? Round to the nearest foot. 3) A manufacturer's cost is given by C = 500 n 1/3 + 200, where C is the cost and n is the number of parts produced. How many parts are produced when the cost is $9200?
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Unformatted text preview: 4) It has been found that the less income people have, the more likely they are to report that their health is fair or poor. The function f(x) = -4.4 x + 38 models the percentage of Americans reporting fair or poor health, f(x), in terms of annual income, x, in thousands of dollars. According to the model, what annual income corresponds to 10% reporting fair or poor health? Round to the nearest thousand dollars. 5) Complex numbers are used in electronics to describe the current in an electric circuit. Ohm's law ( E=IR ) relates the current, I , in amperes, the voltage, E, in volts and the resistance, R , in Ohms. Find the voltage when the current is (4-5i) amperes and the resistance is (3+7i) Ohms. 1...
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