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Applications Chapter 8 Name________________________________________ Show all work and use appropriate units to solve. 1) The strawberry yield (in bushels per acre) for a farm in Springfield from 1996 through 1998 is given by the equation y = 7x 2 + 33. In this equation, x = 0 represents the year 1997. Assume this trend continues and predict the year in which the Springfield farm's strawberry yield will be 481 bushels per acre. 2) The formula P = 0.63x 2 - 0.043x + 3 models the approximate population P, in thousands, for a species of fish in a local pond, x years after 1997. During what year will the population reach 25,422 fish? 3) Suppose that an open box is to be made from a square sheet of cardboard by cutting out 3 - inch squares from each corner as shown and then folding along the dotted lines. If the box is to have a volume of 48 cubic inches, find the original dimensions of the sheet of cardboard.
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Unformatted text preview: 4) The cost in millions of dollars for a company to manufacture x thousand automobiles is given by the function C(x) = 5x 2-40x + 144. Find the number of automobiles that must be produced to minimize the cost. 5) An object is propelled vertically upward from the top of a 96-foot building. The quadratic function s(t) = -16t 2 + 160t + 96 models the ball's height above the ground, s(t), in feet, t seconds after it was thrown. After how many seconds does the object reach its maximum height? Round to the nearest tenth of a second if necessary. 6) The total profit function P(x) for a company producing x thousand units is given by P(x) = -2x 2 + 26x-80. Find the values of x for which the company makes a profit. [Hint: The company makes a profit when P(x) > 0.] 1...
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