MidtermReview - MAT1300 Midterm Review Pieter Hofstra...

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Unformatted text preview: MAT1300 Midterm Review Pieter Hofstra October 6, 2009 1 Material Sections from the book to study (8th Edition): • Chapter 0: – 0.1: Real line and Order – 0.2: Absolute Value and Distance – 0.3: Exponents and Radicals – 0.4: Factoring Polynomials (you may omit the part on the rational zero theorem, pp. 23) – 0.5: Fractions and Rationalization In each of these you may skip the applications; concentrate on the tech- niques. On the material in these sections, I will ask separate questions on the exam. But you have to be comfortable in using these techniques in solving the exam questions. • Chapter 1: – 1.1: Cartesian Plane and Distance (you may skip the part on trans- lating points, p. 39) – 1.2: Graphs of Equations – 1.3: Lines and Slope (may skip linear depreciation) – 1.4: Functions – 1.5: Limits – 1.6: Continuity (may skip applications) • Chapter 2: – 2.1: Derivative and Slope of a Graph (you may skip the part on translating points, p. 39) 1 – 2.2: Rules of Differentiation – 2.3: Rates of Change: velocity and marginals – 2.4: Product and Quotient Rules – 2.5: Chain Rule – 2.7: Implicit Differentation (Note: we skipped 2.6 and won’t do 2.8.) • Chapter 4: – 4.1: Exponential Functions – 4.2: Natural Exponential Functions (may skip Example 4) – 4.4: Logarithmic Functions (Note: we did 4.3 last class but it’s not on the midterm.) If you are studying from the lecture notes , then you find this material in the...
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MidtermReview - MAT1300 Midterm Review Pieter Hofstra...

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