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ADM 1300 Sample Multiple Choice, Current Event, and Essay Questions The following questions are from my midterm, and those of other midterms some of my acquaintances who have taken the course more recently have donated. I have removed the multiple choice completely so that if you do not know the answer, you do not guess and happen to get it right, therefore not correctly studying the material. This will encourage you to look through your textbook to find answers, and thus re- read important chapters that covered information you have missed. Multiple Choice Tips for answering the multiple choice: Do not be fooled when you see terms that you have never heard of in your life. Some people who have studied very hard get caught thinking “oh no, I haven’t seen that term before. .. Maybe I missed something and it is the correct answer”. It is rarely the correct answer; Koppel invents new terms based on words in the question in order to fool people who haven’t studied hard enough. Process of elimination is usually a good strategy. If you have it narrowed down to two, skip it and return to it later. Koppel frequently puts similar questions twice in the midterm, and sometimes one of the terms is missing in the second question, hinting the other answer is correct in both cases. Review the MC before doing the essay and vice versa. There is often some overlap that can provide help towards a section you are unsure of. Be confident. You know this material. If you do not know an answer immediately, do not let it shatter your confidence. Answer questions you are sure of first and remember to relax. 1. The Surgeon General’s warning on cigarette packages about the health implications of smoking is an example of what kind of ethical issue? 2. When ethical decisions are based around producing the greatest good for the greatest amount of people, what ethical model of reasoning is being used? 3. Which of these is NOT a stakeholder in an organization? (be able to name all stakeholders) 4. The forces which exist in the external surround of the organization and which are likely to affect the organization in important ways are known as: ___________
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5. If a female subordinate is offended by posters in her supervisor’s office, which she feels are degrading to women, this supervisor has exhibited: ______ 6. If a female manager tells a male subordinate that he is in line for a pay raise, but that he will get that pay raise only if he becomes sexually involved with her, this manager is exhibiting: ______ 7. The process by which a division of labour occurs as different workers specialize in different tasks over time is known as: _______ 8. The “Big Buy” retail store in Vancouver, BC, stocks baby trailers for bicycles because its customers want to buy this product in their stores, even though “Big Buy” does no typically stock this product in its other stores. This is an example of ________ 9. The systematic study of relationships between people and tasks for the purpose of
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ADM 1300 Review Package - ADM 1300 Sample Multiple Choice,...

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