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scan0005 - 16 The power to hold people accountable for...

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Unformatted text preview: 16. The power to hold people accountable for their actions and to make decisions concerning the use of organizational resources is known as: A) bureaucracy B) power C) rules \/ D) theory ® authority 17. All of the following are examples of the task environment of the organization EXCEPT: A) distributors. B) customers. / C) competitors. l?~ suppliers. E) sociocultural forces. 18. Which of the following is an example of restructuring? A) reducing the number of products B) flattening the organization ‘* C) closing plants 3/ D) outsourcing the production of a product ® all these choices are correct ' 19. If the product of a major competitor has a large market share, we say that this product has a large amount of: A) political force. B demographic force. , t/ ébrand loyalty. ’ potential competition. E) distributor loyalty. 20. The policies and process that determine how an organization interacts with its stakeholders is referred to as: (2:? social responsibility B) corporate governance organizational culture D) partnership agreement none of the above ...
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