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scan0009 - 36 When Kellogg changed the name of its...

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Unformatted text preview: 36. When Kellogg changed the name of its Heartwise cereal to Fiberwise, it was in response to growing concern from the public and the government about unsubstantiated health claims. The primary area of ethical concern in this case was questionable A) conflict of interest. (13)) communications. L/C) product design. D) business relationships. E) financing. 37. Ethical business decisions foster trust among the following individuals: A) buyers. B) sellers. C) borrowers. D) lenders. Q33) all of the above. 38. Which of the following should help reduce the incidence of unethical behaviour in an organization? A) understanding that individual moral standards, the influence of managers and coworkers, and opportunity influence ethical behaviour B) maximizing ethical conflict in work groups / C) expanding opportunity by providing punishments for Violations of the rules D) overlooking Violations of codes of ethics ® all of the above 39. Which of the following is a disadvantage of a partnership? @ difficulty of selling ownership / B) ease of organizing business C) specialization of partners D) relatively fast decision making E) limited government regulation 40. A store in Moncton, New Brunswick, which is part of a national chain, stocks religious candles in the store because its shoppers want to buy these items in this store, even though the typical store in this chain does not stock this item. This is an example of: A) the glass ceiling effect. B) the ombudsman effect, ( managing diversity. (1:) social responsibility. E) whistle-blowing. ...
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