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scan0010 - 41 A manager who attempts to create a feeling of...

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Unformatted text preview: 41. A manager who attempts to create a feeling of enthusiasm and a strong feeling in his or her subordinates of "working as a team" is acting consistently with F ayol's principle of: A) remuneration of personnel. B) equity. L) esprit de corps. D) unity of direction. E) unity of command. 42. When the CEO reviews the performance of her company in the past month's Profit & Loss Statement to determine if the company is ”on track" in terms of its sales and profitability goals, this CEO is engaged in which function? A) Planning @ Organizing C) Demonstrating Controlling E) Loading 43. Henry Mintzberg grouped roles into broad categories. A) 12, 4 B) 7, 3 C) 12, 3 /@10,3 E) all of these choices are incorrect 44. In terms of revenue, What is the largest federal crown corporation in Canada presently? A) Export Development Canada B) CMHC / C) Sun Life Assurance ® Canada Post E) Via Rail 45. If a manager feels that his or her responsibility is to create a work setting in which subordinates consider their work to be satisfying, this manager is acting consistently yvi’ the principles of: A) Theory X. Theory Y. C) contingency theory. D) management science theory. E) scientific management theory. ...
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